2021 4th International Conference on Advanced Materials, Intelligent Manufacturing and Automation
The 4th AMIMA 2021 was successfully closed !!!

The 4th AMIMA 2021 was successfully closed !!!

Thanks to all the experts and scholars for their support.


Keynote speakers: 


Assoc. Prof. Guanqun Gong/ China University of Mining and Technology, China

Title:Preparation and characterization of active fulvic acid molecular functional materials


Prof. Shengle Ren/ Quzhou University, China

Title:Development of camellia oleifera pretreatment technology and its intelligent development


Assoc. Prof. Md.Akhtaruzzaman/ The National University of Malaysia, Malaysia

Title:Current Advancements and Scalability Prospects of Eco-Friendly Perovskite Solar cells


Assoc. Prof. Guoming Zhao/ Shandong University of Science and Technology, China

Title: Design and synthesis of nitrogen-doped carbon confined non-noble metal materials and 

their application in coorperative catalysis for fine chemicals

Oral Presenetation: 

Pengyang Xie/ Shanghai Ocean University 

Title: Research on Unmanned Static Trajectory

Xingyuan Zhang/ Taiyuan University of Technology

Title: Improved strength and toughness of bioinspired Bouligand architecture composite by discontinuous carbon fiber